Enerama Environmental Technologies Incwill be joining ICBC Berlin 2019 March 31st to April 2nd.
Please pass by our booth and don't miss Cem Jr.'s speech about Process Optimization. The panel is at 16:30 (4:30pm) on Tuesday, April 2nd.


Unlock the power of True Latent Cooling with patented Dragon LDAC System.

We are a liquid desiccant based system that dehumidifies your environment without creating any bacteria while contributing to the cooling/heating needs, as well as air disinfection, odor mitigation and the CO2 management of the facility.

Our patented Dragon equipment, takes approximately "1 kWh per 1 gallon" extracted from the air. And all this is controlled by an in-house designed cloud-based software that enables the system to be remotely monitored and controlled. 

  • Precise Humidity control
  • No Unwanted Heat
  • Multi-zone Control and many more...

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