ENERAMA is a corporation engaged in the research, development, and production of energy-saving environmental systems. As a result of many years of research & development, the company now offers patented, advanced technology, high capacity, industrial air conditioning systems under the trademark of DRAGON. The system combines all necessary air conditioning processes in one system for industrial and agricultural applications. DRAGON Air Conditioning Systems provide significant advantages in many large-scale applications due to their high energy efficiency.

The company’s head office and factory are located in Tuzla, on the Asian side of the province of Istanbul, in Turkey. ENERAMA markets its products in domestic and foreign industrial areas with offices in the USA, Canada, and Switzerland.

The corporation with departments focused on research & development, design, prototyping, software, electronics, metal processing, polyester production, and assembly in its high-tech production facility. Quality in production, service, and safety under all conditions is an important part of ENERAMA culture.

We monitors all developed and assembled devices and systems, as well as R&D studies with its own “Mekasera Remote Management, Monitoring and Security System”, and provides the necessary and accurate service to its customers without losing any time.